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w>loop back

vt sep loop the wire back around the lidbiegen Sie den Draht zurück um den Deckel
(road)eine Schleife machen; (person)in einem Bogen zurückkehren; this wire has to loop backdieser Draht muss zurückgebogen werden
(Comput) the program then loops back to …die Programmschleife wird dann ab … nochmals durchlaufen
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Performing pre (predinvestionnoy) and project documentation for the project: "Construction of a modular deironing stations with loopback existing water in the ar.
5, and 3, and loopback is applicable for layers 2, 3, and 4.
8220;PacketExpert 10G[TM] supports Loopback capability on all ports.
The addition of Loopback to its LAN extension modules will save users valuable time and help reduce the frustration of troubleshooting.
Loopback techniques that feed a transceiver's output data stream back to its own receiver input and perform a gross functional self-test, validate basic interface functionality, and overcome the inability of ATE to test the asynchronous signals of HSS interfaces.
The new SDN OAM functions enable end-to-end network connection quality to be visualized on multiple WAN using link trace and loopback tests.
Walgreens has entered a partnership with Texas-based startup Loopback Analytics which highlights this very development, applying emerging analytics technology between hospitalizations to save providers from getting fined.