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Noun1.Loranthaceae - in some classification includes Viscaceae: parasitic or hemiparasitic shrublets or shrubs or small trees of tropical and temperate regionsLoranthaceae - in some classification includes Viscaceae: parasitic or hemiparasitic shrublets or shrubs or small trees of tropical and temperate regions; attach to hosts by haustoria
dilleniid dicot family - family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
order Santalales, Santalales - order of plants distinguished by having a one-celled inferior ovary; many are parasitic or partly parasitic usually on roots
genus Loranthus, Loranthus - type genus of the Loranthaceae: 1 species
Arceuthobium, genus Arceuthobium - genus of chiefly American plants parasitic on conifers
genus Nuytsia, Nuytsia - one species
parasitic plant - plant living on another plant and obtaining organic nutriment from it
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Key words: Lasaia, Loranthaceae, Metacharis, mistletoe-feeding, scanning electron microscopy.
The South American species of Aphis (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Aphidina) living on Rhamnaceae and Loranthaceae, with description of a new species.
1902 The Queensland Flora with Plates Illustrating Some Rare Species Part 5, Loranthaceae to Lemnacae, HJ Didams and Co.
Tropical mistletoes, from the family Loranthaceae, are a great example of biodiversity and the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals.
Composiçáo taxonômica Z o n a II I P1 P2 P1 P2 MAGNOLIOPHYTA AP Alchornea + Annonaceae + + Apocynaceae + + + + Aquifoliaceae (Ilex) + + Arecaceae + + + Bignoniaceae + + Boraginaceae + + Calliandra + Caprifoliaceae (Sambucus) + + Celtis + + Clethraceae + Chloranthaceae + Cunoniaceae + Euphorbiaceae + + + + Dalechampia + Fabaceae + + + Flacourticaceae + + Lauraceae + + + Loranthaceae + + Magnoliaceae + Malvaceae + Meliaceae + + + Mimosaceae + + Moraceae-Urticaceae + + Myrsinaceae (Rapanea) + + + Myrtaceae + + + Sapindaceae + + + Sapotaceae + Solanaceae + + Tiliaceae + + Trema + Ulmaceae + NAP Apiaceae + + Astemceae + + + + Brassicaceae + Cereales (cf.
Loranthaceae Phzoradendron crassifolium Bolivia DLF Dichloromethane ext.
Talal Lauraceae Litsea garciae Vidal Tei 'suit bueng Loranthaceae Dendrophthoe pentandra (L.
In the experiment Kissing Cancer Away: the Effect of Phoradendron serotinum from Acer pseudoplatanus Loranthaceae as a cure for Breast Cancer, mistletoe extracts taken from a planetree maple were created to determine their ability to kill MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
They found that the most abundant and popular nectar sources included flowers from the families Myrtaceae (eucalypts and bloodwoods), Proteaceae (grevillea and banksia) and Loranthaceae (mistletoe).