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Noun1.Francis Bacon - English statesman and philosopherFrancis Bacon - English statesman and philosopher; precursor of British empiricism; advocated inductive reasoning (1561-1626)
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Shakespeare was undoubtedly very fine in his way; Milton good, though prosy; Lord Bacon deep, and decidedly knowing; but the writer who should be his country's pride, is my Lord Chesterfield.
Whitwell's impression of "a community of 2,000 persons, founded upon a principle commended by Plato, Lord Bacon and Sir Thomas More" was printed in Birmingham by a local printer - William Finley - in 1824, and a copy of it still hangs in the museum at New Lanark.
However, on occasion these imaginings took a more concrete form, as was the case with Thomas Stedman Whitwell's, Description of an Architectural Model for a Community on a Principle of United Interests, London, 1830, which not only provided a description but also a graphic design for a community of 2,000 persons "founded on a principle commended by Plato, Lord Bacon and Sir Thomas More and combined with all the advantages of scientific discoveries down to the present time".