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Noun1.Francis Bacon - English statesman and philosopherFrancis Bacon - English statesman and philosopher; precursor of British empiricism; advocated inductive reasoning (1561-1626)
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Shakespeare was undoubtedly very fine in his way; Milton good, though prosy; Lord Bacon deep, and decidedly knowing; but the writer who should be his country's pride, is my Lord Chesterfield.
Among the curious cases mentioned by Lord Bacon in his work on the "Prolongation of Life" are many of ancient date, among the Greeks, Asiatics, &c.
Whitwell's impression of "a community of 2,000 persons, founded upon a principle commended by Plato, Lord Bacon and Sir Thomas More" was printed in Birmingham by a local printer - William Finley - in 1824, and a copy of it still hangs in the museum at New Lanark.