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Noun1.Louis Auchincloss - United States writer (born in 1917)
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Louis Auchincloss, in The Winthrop Covenant, gives a surface account of the persistence of this Puritan mission throughout American history.
America First" from SKINNY ISLAND by Louis Auchincloss.
LOUIS AUCHINCLOSS was a New York lawyer and author whose novels chronicled the lives, careers and characters of the patrician families in the exclusive enclaves of America's eastern seaboard.
of New Orleans) has updated her original 1993 biographical and critical profile of prolific American writer Louis Auchincloss.
The Library of America has dedicated two of its magnificent volumes to Roosevelt: selected Letters and Speeches and The Rough Riders; An Autobiography, both edited by a chronicler of the American aristocracy, Louis Auchincloss.
Louis Auchincloss, attorney and novelist, however, is still working at his second career.
Louis Auchincloss, in his insightful and slender book Theodore Roosevelt (which is part of "The American Presidents" series, edited by Arthur M.
Eliot (another revered figure in the Tuttleton pantheon), Ralph Ellison, and Louis Auchincloss.
For, as Louis Auchincloss points out, Glasgow "felt all the glorified sensations of a Southern belle," even as she worked as a volunteer for the City Mission in the Richmond slums and became a Fabian Socialist.
There are essays by such Vidal watchers as Italo Calvino, Harold Bloom, Louis Auchincloss, and Catherine Stimson.
Another WASP perspective, whose best-known expositor today is the novelist Louis Auchincloss, goes some way toward illuminating these issues.
Other books published this year included The Rector of Justin by Louis Auchincloss, a novel; Herzog, by Saul Bellow, the author's sixth novel; Little Big Man by Thomas Berger, a novel of the old West; 77 Dream Songs by John Berryman, poems; The Wapshot Scandal by John Cheever, a novel; Why We Can't Wait by Rev.