n.1.(Zool.) See Lory.
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Louri Stelnikov, vice mayor of Volgograd - the Russian city which used to be called Stalingrad - was among those invited by the Coventry Association of International Friendship for a week-long visit.
Dunford, Michael; Louri, Helen; Rosenstock, Manfred (2001), "Competition, Competitiveness, and Enterprise Policies", in R.
Barbosa and Louri (2005) show that there is no significant difference in performance between domestically owned and MNCs operating in Portugal and Greece.
2007) has found the impact of leverage on labour productivity to be negative, others have identified a positive (Dimelis, Louri 2002) or non-linear relationship (Kale et al.
Newly-crowned world snowboarding champion, Louri Podladtchikov, presented an award in the 'Best Hit National' category.
MANAMA: Majaal Warehouse Company yesterday announced the signing of a new tenancy agreement with Louri Industries.
Symmetry in Motion Opens Summit: A hand-balancing act combining strength and dexterity was performed by acrobats Nicolai Melnikov (bottom) and Louri Safronov, members of iL CiRCo.
This result is in line with the result found in Fotopoulos and Louri (2004), according to which location in greater Athens vs the rest of Greece affects survival of firms positively.
The excavations are being conducted at the Ouriakos site on the Louri coast of Fyssini in Moudros municipality on Limnos, with the assistance of the municipality and funding by the Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP).
In particular, ownership structure is an incentive device for reducing the agency costs associated with the separation of ownership and management, which can be used to protect property rights of the firm [Barbosa and Louri (2002)].
Further, while there are a large number of studies that explore the determinants of firms' employment growth in general (see, eg, Hart, 2000; Fotopoulos and Louri, 2004), they do not take into consideration the strategic objectives of the firms that can be of paramount importance in the context of foreign direct investment by MNEs into emerging markets.