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(Placename) the Flemish name for Louvain


(ˈlœ vən, ˈlu-)
a city in central Belgium. 84,180.
French, Louvain.
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On the BDK website, it says that the founder of the movement was visited by the Spirit of God in 1969, while he was a chemistry student at the University of Lovanium (Kinshasa); the Spirit revealed to him that Simon Kimbangu was unable to complete his mission and his work had been deflected from its path: 'Lead my people to the "Kongo Nzila" because the Kongo tradition is the main axis of the universal religion adapted to the mentality of the African Negro peoples.
In the French-ruled part of Africa, closer links between the University of Dakar, and the University of Bordeaux, were established for example and Belgium established a link between University Lovanium in Congo (now University of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo) with the Universite Catholique de Louvain.
7) Stavenhagen visito, en la Republica Democratica del Congo, el Institut de Recherches Economiques et Sociales, Universite de Lovanium, la Universite Libre du Congo y la Office National de la Recherche er du Developpement.
An educated electrical engineer, Bisengimana had served, during his study days, as the chairperson of Rwandan students at the University of Lovanium (currently University of Kinshasa) where he graduated in 1961.
LAMBERIGTS, The 'vota antepraeparatoria' of the Faculties of Theology of Louvain and Lovanium (Zaire), Ibid.
Lovanium en aquella epoca acogia a 33 estudiantes de los que ii eran congolenos .
Antecedents a la querelle des anciens et des modernes", in Recueil commemoratif du Xe Anniversaire de la Faculte de Philosophie et Lettres, Louvain-Paris, Publications de lUniversite de Lovanium de Kinshasa, 1965, pp.
Leopoldville: Institut de Recherches Economiques et Sociales de l'Universite Lovanium.