Love drink

a love potion; a philter.
- Piers Plowman.

See also: Love

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CRACK OPEN THE BUBBLY: Arthur and Audrey Love drink to their diamond wedding anniversary
Those who want to share a love drink could try THE Love Juice, a regular on the menu, and a powerful mix of carrot, beetroot juice and celery juice with vitamin E and honey.
I was genuinely surprised by the surge in demand but we're Irish and we love drink, girls and horses so Cheltenham will always be popular.
importer of a new, natural, functional beverage from the Netherlands called Aphrodite Love Drink, announced their readiness to open negotiations with US based distributors after recent test marketing success.
Surprisingly," Director of Sales and Marketing, Joe Perez stated, "early reports indicated that every location yielded between 200% and 400% profits in just the first week with 100% taste approval among over 700 patrons who sampled or purchased the Love Drink.
Eager to capitalize on the success of Aphrodite Love Drink in Las Vegas, Oxenuk Impex Corp.
Ah, my love drinks his coffee In the morning And always asks of me
A three-part alcoholism and drug abuse education series will teach you what you can do to help yourself and your family better cope when someone you love drinks or uses too much, 7 to 9 p.