Low water mark

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that part of the shore to which the waters recede when the tide is the lowest.

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Stated simply, in its affirmation of the decision of the trial court, the Fifth District Court of Appeal rejected the ebb and flow test of Phillips Petroleum and reaffirmed the rule in Clement that sovereignty lands are limited to those lands underlying or immediately bordering on water bodies useful for public navigation and including the space between the ordinary high and ordinary low water mark.
More than that, let's celebrate this low water mark and always hold Saturday October 7, 2000 dear in our hearts.
However, through the Massachusetts Colonial Ordinance of 1641-1647, the common law of rights over the flats was modified to allow a littoral private owners to own down to the low water mark without a specific grant from the Sovereign.
However, over the long run, the "cured" population, through relapse, like water seeking its own level, asymptotically approaches the low water mark.
Fiscal year 1982 turned out to be the low water mark for property tax levels.
The 2012 third quarter marked a post-Lehman low water mark for equity contributions to leveraged buyouts on the whole.
The village green application covers down to the low water mark between MacKenzie Pier and the sailing club and would prevent this scheme going ahead.
Riders/Endorsements: LU10998 Annual Point to Point with Low Water Mark, LU10999 Annual Point to Point with Monthly Averaging, LU11000 Monthly Cap Crediting Strategy, LU11001 Purchase Payment Bonus Endorsement, LU11003 Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider, LU11005 Waiver of Charges, LU11021 WOC for LTC or Hospital, LU11022 WOC for Terminal Illness, LU11023 WOC for Unemployment, LU11024 ADL Waiver of Charges.
At the time of the acquisition, the transaction was noted by real estate experts to be the low water mark in a rising market.
RNLI Flint team members launch their lifeboat at low water mark by the Blue Bridge, as part of practice runs for a new rescue technique linking up with an RAF Valley helicopter
Derby are gone and need a dramatic upturn just to match Sunderland's record low water mark of 15.
Set to win 198 seats, the Conservative showing was short of Labour's 1983 low water mark of 209, which was seen by some as a benchmark of success.