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An estate, typically in the Burgundy region of France, that makes wine from grapes grown in its own vineyards.

[French, domain, estate; see domain.]


(dəˈmeɪn; dəˈmɛn)
a French estate on which wine is made
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In response to the blocking of Breakup Notifier Lowenherz created Crush Notifer, which allows Facebook users to "crush" friends in the hope of getting crushed back,
The Shade Oak Stud-based Black Sam Bellamy, who formerly stood at Gestut Fahrhof, is one of the more strongly represented stallions with four entries, including a colt out of 1999 Oaks d'Italia winner Nagoya (86) and a half-brother to the Listed-winning trio Luttje Lage, Lowenherz and Lauf Nach Vorn (67).
The beefed-up mixing rotors have a first section with Lowenherz, or V-shaped, threads scored the outer periphery of the rotor to increase feed rate, followed by standard melting screw flights, which feed into a "wing-type" helical mixer in the second half of the rotor.
Lowenherz suggests, does not speak or think linearly (or "literally") as though he had first drafted his thoughts and only then uttered them.
6) A father wrote a letter in early 1939 to the head of the IKG, Lowenherz, asking that his child be included on a Kindertransport.
Eva Meyer Nisma Cherrat Helga Einzig Angelica Domrose Maria Einzig Kirsten Block Eugen Lowenherz Florian Panzner Hans Einzig Gunter Kurze Young Hans Johannes Brandup Young Helga Marianna Linden Young Shepard Jean-Claude Mawila
Editor David Lowenherz, a collector and dealer in autographed letters and manuscripts, said he wanted to show "the wide range of feelings connected to the word love", according to the Gold Coast Bulletin.
Facebook has yet to respond to Lowenherz, who said that he made every attempt to closely follow Facebook's app policies.
Kaleo's in-form trainer, Andreas Wohler, runs a second credible candidate in the Dusseldorf Listed-race winner Lowenherz.