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(ˈlaʊrɪ) or


(Animals) another name for lory


1. (Biography) L(awrence) S(tephen). 1887–1976, English painter, noted for his bleak northern industrial scenes, often containing primitive or stylized figures
2. (Biography) (Clarence) Malcolm. 1909–57, British novelist and writer, best known for his semiautobiographical novel Under the Volcano (1947)
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Noun1.Lowry - English painter (1887-1976)
2.Lowry - English novelist (1909-1957)
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Lowry which remained in the family will soon go on show in Salford.
LS Lowry Chance to own a Lowry original at the AC Gallery ARTS lovers have the chance to buy Lowry originals in Huddersfield this weekend.
I don't believe it's cheating if you're separated," Lowry responded.
A RARELY-SEEN painting of Liverpool's waterfront by LS Lowry is taking centre stage as a new exhibition.
com)-- Eric Lowry, CEO and Listing Agent for The Lowry Team, listed the West Chester, Ohio home for sale.
Ebbw Vale businessman Monty Bloom had one of the biggest Lowry collections in the country after becoming the Manchester artist's friend and patron.
The 25cms work by artist L S Lowry is being sold by auctioneers Tennants in Leyburn in North Yorkshire.
ARTIST L S Lowry painted and sketched his way through holidays spent on the North East coast years before he became famous.
MATCHSTICK men artist LS Lowry has returned to prop up the bar at his local - 35 years after he died.
Ashleigh Hanbury, 28, pelted Kevin Lowry with snow - but then knocked him out with a single punch outside a block of flats in Coventry.
Seguirle los pasos a Malcolm Lowry no es una tarea sencilla, se requiere de la habilidad de un espeleologo que desentrana pacientemente los intrincados laberintos forjados por el autor.
Christie's has announced the sale of four "superb" works by LS Lowry valued at millions of pounds.