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Metals n (case/control) Selenium-Arsenic Low Se + Low As 369/426 Low Se + High As 506/384 High Se + Low As 311/384 High Se + High As 435/427 Selenium-Titanium Low Se + Low Ti 435/474 LowSe + High Ti 440/336 High Se + Low Ti 280/336 High Se + High Ti 466/475 Metals Odds ratio p-Interaction (b) (95% CI) (a) Selenium-Arsenic Low Se + Low As 1.
Many of the quotes from miners and their families are peppered with words like goaf, kist, and lowse, and a Pitmatic dictionary is provided at the start of the book to help readers unfamiliar with the language.
Ther-fore Avyse pe er pou pe knot knytte, ffor "had y wyst" commeth to late for to lowse yt.
To the extent that adolescents are basing their perceived likelihood of achieving economic success on actual rates, these data are consistent with a diminished perception of success among lowSES youth in more-unequal places.
0% Table 2: distribution of causes of low birth weights of the babies depending upon mother's age Age CAUSEOFLBW p-value ANAEMIA LOWSES IUGR PRETERM PRIMI Total 15 2 0 3 0 0 0.
In the first place, the relatively strong performance of immigrant-background students in the Canadian context should not obscure the fact that certain groups of students (frequently those from refugee or lowSES backgrounds) do experience academic difficulties (McAndrew, 2009; Watt & Roessingh, 1994, 2001).