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 (lo͞o-ăn′də) or Lo·an·da (lō-än′də)
The capital and largest city of Angola, in the northwest part of the country on the Atlantic Ocean. Founded by the Portuguese in 1575, it has a fine natural harbor and diversified industries.


(lʊˈændə) or


(Placename) the capital of Angola, a port in the west, on the Atlantic: founded in 1576, it became a centre of the slave trade to Brazil in the 17th and 18th centuries; oil refining. Pop: 2 839 000 (2005 est). Official name: São Paulo de Loanda


(luˈæn də, -ˈɑn-)

the capital of Angola, in SW Africa. 1,200,000.
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Noun1.Luanda - port city on Atlantic coastLuanda - port city on Atlantic coast; the capital and largest city of Angola
Angola, Republic of Angola - a republic in southwestern Africa on the Atlantic Ocean; achieved independence from Portugal in 1975 and was the scene of civil war until 1990
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Following the transfer of jurisdiction over the Republic of Angola to the Philippine Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal in late 2015, the Philippine Embassy in Lisbon conducted its second Consular Outreach Mission to Luanda, Angola on December 01 to 03.
We examined specimens from 188 patients who had ear discharge related to otitis media who attended an outpatient ear, nose, and throat clinic in Luanda, Angola, during January-December 2016.
4 kilogrammes horn while travelling from Luanda, Angola, via Addis Ababa to Hanoi, Vietnam, when they were arrested, according to the Bangkok Post .
TAAG-Angola Airlines is based at Quatro de Fevereiro Airport in Luanda, Angola.
The other are 19th AfricaCom, Cap Town, South Africa, Medical Expo, Casablanca, Morocco, March-2017, Morocco Home, Casablanca, Morocco, April-2017, Food Africa, Cairo, Egypt, May-2017, 20th Auto Expo, Nairobi, Kenya, May-2017, Automechanika, Johannesburg, South Africa, May-2017, Africa Health Expo, Johannesburg, South Africa, June-2017, SAITEX-2017 and Africa Big 7, Johannesburg, South Africa, June-2017, Dar-es-Salaam International Trade Fair, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, June-2017 and 34th Luanda International Trade Fair, Luanda, Angola, July-2017.
SACS will connect Luanda, Angola and Fortaleza, Brazil, directly linking the African continent to Latin America for the first time, spanning more than 6,200km across the South Atlantic ocean, enabling high speed and large capacity international data transmission From Fortaleza, SACS can be connected to another cable system which stretches to Miami (Florida), enabling Angola and Africa to connect directly with the USA.
SACS will connect Luanda, Angola and Fortaleza, Brazil, directly linking the African continent to Latin America for the first time, spanning more than 6,200 km across the South Atlantic, enabling high speed and large capacity international data transmissions.
ISLAMABAD -- Mercer's annual Cost of Living survey places Luanda, Angola, as the most expensive city for expatriate employees, where a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre can set you back $3,500 per month, and a pair of jeans could reportedly cost you more than $240.
Luanda, Angola, May 13 (SUNA) - Meetings of the Ministers of Defence, Chiefs of Staff and Heads of Intelligence and Security of the Great lakes Region began Wednesday in the capital of Angola, Luanda, with participation of the State Minister at the Ministry of Defence, Gen.
South Sudan's foreign affairs minister, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, told Sudan Tribune that he hopes regional assurances made by the chiefs of defence and security of the ICGLR and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in Luanda, Angola, would make impact on a number of issues, which have led to the stalling of peace talks with the rebel faction.
Within days of linking Dubai and Abuja, the aircraft set another city-pair record, flying 1,567 nm/2,902 km from Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport in Luanda, Angola, to Cape Town International Airport in South Africa for a total flight time of 3 hours and 31 minutes.
4 February 2014 - French oil major Total SA (EPA:FP) said on Tuesday it will sell its 15% participating interest in the offshore Block 15/06, northwest of Luanda, Angola, to Sonangol E&P in a deal worth some USD750m (EUR554m).