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Noun1.Lubavitch - a town in Belarus that was the center of the Chabad movement for a brief period during the 19th century
Belarus, Belorussia, Byelarus, Byelorussia, Republic of Belarus, White Russia - a landlocked republic in eastern Europe; formerly a European soviet
2.Lubavitch - a large missionary Hasidic movement known for their hospitality, technological expertise, optimism and emphasis on religious study
religious movement - a movement intended to bring about religious reforms
Lubavitcher - a member of the Lubavitch movement; a follower of Chabad Hasidism
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In "The Secret of Chabad", Rabbi David Eliezrie depicts the events, philosophies, and personalities that have made Chabad Lubavitch a worldwide phenomenon in Judaism.
The large menorah, maintained by the Lubavitch Jewish community, has been a popular attraction in the park for years and is lit during Jewish festivals.
The tall security gate and high density steel doors with electronic access control are some of the security features that the Chabad- Lubavitch has incorporated at Nariman House, Colaba in Mumbai.
In January 1951, a year after the death of his father-in-law, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn, he assumed the leadership of the Lubavitch movement.
Two sites were identified in the court records as targets of their surveillance, the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center and the Lagos Branch of AA Consulting.
The father sent an email to a friend suggesting he was suicidal before the shootings, said Rabbi Levi Krinsky of Chabad Lubavitch in Manchester.
the Hasidic Jewish movement Chabad Lubavitch asked on its website.
Hynes had already made inroads with Lubavitch community in Crown Heights, stating that all sexual abuse reports would be sent directly to authorities instead of an internal review within the community.
A brief glossary gives definitions for the Hebrew words used (for example, "Tatty" means father, a "Chabad House" is Lubavitch center of prayer and learning, and "brochos" are blessings).
The Rabbi and his wife, who originally were from Brooklyn were killed when the attackers entered the Chabad Lubavitch centre in November 2008.
The international Jewish outreach group Lubavitch identified the couple as Messod and Michal Wizman, 32 and 30 respectively.
Gavriel Noah Holtzberg, a rabbi originally from Brooklyn, and his pregnant wife, Rivka, were gunned down when terrorists stormed the Chabad Lubavitch center in a commando-style attack that also killed the couple's unborn child.