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 (lo͝o-bä′vĭ-chər, lo͞o′bə-vĭch′ər)
A member of a Hasidic sect founded in Russia in the late 1700s that stresses the importance of religious study.

[Yiddish Libavitsher, from Libavitsh, Jewish town in Russia where the movement originated.]

Lu·ba′vitch·er adj.


(ˈlu bəˌvɪtʃ ər, luˈbɑ vɪ tʃər)

1. a member of a missionary Hasidic movement founded in the 1700s by Rabbi Shneour Zalman of Lyady.
2. of or pertaining to the Lubavitchers or their movement.
[< Yiddish lubavitsher, after Lubavitsh (< Byelorussian Lyubavichi) a town that was the center of the movement, 1813–1915]
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Noun1.Lubavitcher - a member of the Lubavitch movement; a follower of Chabad Hasidism
Chabad, Chabad-Lubavitch, Lubavitch movement, Lubavitch - a large missionary Hasidic movement known for their hospitality, technological expertise, optimism and emphasis on religious study
Orthodox Jew - Jew who practices strict observance of Mosaic law
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For Lubavitchers, it is both mystical and simplistically Utopian, when die relationship between God and the believer is so direct that there's no separation between human desire and what God wants.
In an ethnographic study among the Lubavitchers in Crown Heights, New York, and in Stamford Hill, UK, Dein (anthropology and medicine, U.
Critics of the Chabad movement, though, say the Worcester Lubavitchers (as Chabad adherents are often called) have acted similarly to other Lubavitchers across the country who have been embroiled in disputes with government officials, primarily over zoning issues.
Likewise, what Lubavitchers understand as a religious obligation to expand the Jewish presence in Crown Heights, others construe as the creation of an exclusive community aimed at marginalizing poor blacks.
I have no idea how many Lubavitchers realized that Revici was an atheist.
With the help of outside institutions--the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Lubavitchers, the American Joint Distribution Committee, the Conservative Movement, and many others--the Jews of Cuba have reconstituted themselves, refurbished their synagogues, learned their history and rituals, reaffirmed their connections to the faith in conversions and communal marriage ceremonies and, in some cases, made Aliyah.
On the radio; on their CD, which is getting widespread word-of-mouth distribution through Lubavitchers and young Orthodox hipsters; or in the pages of Lubavitch magazines like Farbrengen, who have embraced the duo.
Later she decided to spend a year studying the lives of young female Lubavitchers, a sect known for its extreme beliefs, even among Hasidic Jews.
Lubavitchers as Citizens: A Paradox of Liberal Democracy.
As rumors spread about the incident, members of the black community reacted with violence against the police and the Lubavitchers.
Everywhere there's Coca-Cola, there are Lubavitchers," says the Waks' gray-bearded patriarch about his family's widespread ties.