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n.1.The act of lubricating, or making smooth.
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Cette huile est destine la lubrification des botes de vitesses des vhicules lgers de la gamme commerciale et des vhicules poids lourds pour lesquels une huile fluide est prconise.
Theoretical analysis of piston-ring lubrification part I--fully flooded lubrication, Tribology Transactions 35(4): 696-706.
Tel a ete le constat etabli, hier, par la directrice du Centre national des technologiques de production plus propres (CNTPP), Fazia Dahleb, lors d'un atelier national sur [beaucoup moins que] la gestion des huiles de lubrification usagees de moteur [beaucoup plus grand que].
In the fields of filament yarn dye package winding and rewinding, with or without lubrification, the key features of the SSM PW3-W fastflex(tm) offer clear benefits to the industry:
A sampling of topics includes: general properties of Stokes flows, lubrification flows, motion of a solid particle in a fluid, suspension mechanics, and non-Newtonian fluids.
The concept of alcohol is linked to social lubrification, to making you feel at ease with others," Begue added.
liquid source--considering the oil used for lubrification, also from the flotting planetary gear as a new solution and the bearings from the rigide solution.
Today's challenges are currently driven by improvements that can be made on existing excipients using particle engineering to enhance their pharmacotechnical properties, such as compactibility, flowability, dilution, disintegration and lubrification potentials.
Lee and White (4) have been predicted, using Reynolds lubrification theory, that the interface moves from its initial position on the side of the less viscous component to its final position on the side of the more viscous component.
According to Bak-Pedersen and Nielsen (1986), vestibular folds play a fundamental role in the lubrification mechanism of the laryngeal epithelium, since the number of subepithelial glands found in this fold was greater (128 gland/ cm3) in comparison with the vocal fold (13 gland/[cm.
Self-lubricating properties by liquid or solid state lubrification.