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 (lo͞o-kŭl′əs), Lucius Licinius 110?-57? bc.
Roman general and consul. After achieving great success in Rome's war against Mithridates VI of Pontus, Lucullus returned to Italy and enjoyed a retirement noted for its self-indulgent luxury.


(Biography) Lucius Licinius (ˈluːsɪəs lɪˈsɪnɪəs). ?110–56 bc, Roman general and consul, famous for his luxurious banquets. He fought Mithradates VI (74–66)


(luˈkʌl əs)

Lucius Licinius, c110–57? B.C., Roman general and epicure.
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Noun1.Lucullus - Roman general famous for self-indulgence and giving lavish banquets (circa 110-57 BC)
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Lucullus answered Pompey well; who, when he saw his stately galleries, and rooms so large and lightsome, in one of his houses, said, Surely an excellent place for summer, but how do you in winter?
He flung words of scorn at Lucullus and piled invectives upon Brillat-Savarin.
We had a glorious Christmas dinner, fit for the halls of Lucullus, and ate far more than was good for us, none daring to make us afraid on that one day of the year.
Alas, I may say with Lucullus, if I could have anticipated the honor of your visit, I would have prepared for it.
It was no mere meal, it was no coarse orgy, but a little feast for the fastidious gods, not unworthy of Lucullus at his worst.
The film opened in Chicago in May 1917 to favorable notices--except from Metallus Lucullus Cicero Funkhouser.
Hiely Lucullus, founded in 1938 by Andre and Pierre Hiely, sits inside the walled city of Avignon on a second floor overlooking a postcard street scene.
Instead, Jovellanos argues that commerce can promote agriculture, and he does so by arguing that the conquest of Asia changed the face of Italy's cultivations, as it expanded and could barely keep up with "luculos" of that day and age, referring to Lucius Lucullus (Jovellanos, Escritos Economicos vol.
When his servants ask for help from Lucullus, he remarks scornfully, "this is no time to lend, especially upon bare friendship, without security" (3.
Eles devastam e eles descrevem; e a medida que os Cipioes derrubam Numancia e Cartago, que Marius bate os Numidas, que Lucullus e Pompeu estendem as conquistas dos Romanos na Asia, que Cesar subjuga os Galeses, que os exercitos de Augusto reduzem a Dacia e Partia e submetem a Germania, que os de Tito, conduzidos por Agricola, (7) forcam os Bretoes em seus ultimos asilos, a historia, que parece marchar logo atras dos exercitos, ilumina os campos de batalha e, entre os estragos e os escombros, observa os habitos das nacoes vencidas, e recolhe os monumentos que atestam sua antiguidade.
Si ricordi, a tal proposito, il precedente rappresentato dal Lucullus, in cui Marco rivolge a Lucullo, seguace di Antioco di Ascalona, le seguenti parole (25): Nec enim divinationem quam probatis ullam esse arbitror.
General Lucius Cornelius Sulla (13878) confiscated Aristotle's library and moved it to Rome and Lucius Licinius Lucullus brought equally important Mithridates' library from Pontus in 71.