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n.1.(Min.) A mineral occurring in small, green, transparent, monoclinic crystals. It is a hydrous phosphate of iron.
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Javier Zapata and Mariu Favaro as the young lovers are role-model objects of desire, and Alexander Milic plays Celestina in drag with Ludlamite glee.
For size and quality this is considered by many collectors to be the finest example of Mexican ludlamite.
You would have to be MAD to deny the dazzlement of such things as the Idaho ludlamite, Pakistani pink fluorite, Himmelsfurst mine wire silver, New Mexico smoky quartz Japan-law twin, etc.
Minerals that have reached the specimen market include countless thousands of fine specimens of sulfides such as pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite, sphalerite and galena, associated with well-crystallized quartz, dolomite, vivianite, ludlamite, calcite and rhodochrosite.
Yes, and how about those huge pyrite octahedrons from Huanzala, Peru, or those 5-cm doubly terminated ludlamite crystals from Bolivia, or those tetrahedrite crystals to 16 cm from the Morococha District, Lima Department, Peru?
5 cm, with pyrite, ludlamite, cassiterite and quartz, from a pocket found in November 2000.
Exciting recent discoveries include epidote and Japan-law twinned quartz from Pampa Blanca, Peru; danburite and boracite from the Alto Chapare distr ict, Bolivia; vivianite and ludlamite from Morococala, Bolivia; cassiterite from Viloco, Bolivia; and new minerals from Chile including szenicsite, lemanskiite, cristelite, and gordaite.
One was a large piece with a rounded matrix covered with green ludlamite crystals on which were a number of long, upstanding, purplish-green tapering vivianite crystals, beautiful to see, but much too large for our collection.
Since colorful phosphates are characteristic of many oxide zones worldwide, it has been falsely assumed that the beautiful Bolivian phosphates like phosphophyllite, vivianite, ludlamite and vauxite are oxide zone minerals.
First, there were about a dozen thumbnails of a newly mined ludlamite from the Huanuni mine, Oruro Department: exquisite little sprays, to 1.