Ludwig's angina

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Ludwig’s angina

n angina de Ludwig
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Villa died 10 days after bowing to McLarnin due to Ludwig's Angina caused by a mouth infection that spread to the throat.
1) The differential diagnoses for the contents are as follows: SCC from the epithelial lining, minor salivary gland tumors, ranula, obstructed submandibular duct, abscess, ludwig's angina, neurogenic tumor, lingual thyroid, thyroglossal duct cyst, hemangioma, lymphangioma, dermoid/epidermoid (Figures 15B and C).
Parapharyngeal abscesses were found to be the commonest deep neck space infection in this study; next common was the retropharyngeal, then the Ludwig's angina.
Two days after the fight, Guilledo had the tooth pulled and defied doctors' orders to rest, resulting in the infection spreading to his throat and causing Ludwig's angina.
Spreading odontogenic infections are one of the most common type of serious orofacial infections en- countered by oral and maxillofacial surgeons ranging from simple dental caries to life threatening Ludwig's angina and mediastinitis.
Update of Diagnostic and Treatment of Ludwig's Angina
Unfortunately, there is little information about detection of delayed airway compromise in adult patients with Ludwig's angina (a bacterial infection of the floor of the mouth causing swelling and pain) following extubation in the operating theatre.
Tongue or oral piercing can cause Ludwig's angina (2,9,10) or may be complicated by normal oral flora, such as Haemophilus aphrophilus, as in this case.
We diagnosed and treated a case of Ludwig's angina in a 45-year-old man who had edema of the floor of month and the tongue along with bilateral submandibular sialadenitis and sialolithiasis.
3-5,7] Local lingual infection is always possible and, if not treated promptly, can spread by way of surrounding fascial spaces, such as the laryngeal area in Ludwig's angina.
Beginning as an abscessed tooth, the untreated infection had progressed to Ludwig's Angina, which without immediate medical care can lead to death by suffocation due to a swelling of the throat.