Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Noun1.Ludwig Wittgenstein - British philosopher born in AustriaLudwig Wittgenstein - British philosopher born in Austria; a major influence on logic and logical positivism (1889-1951)
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I owe this way of looking at the matter to my friend Ludwig Wittgenstein.
Austrian-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) once asked if the aim of philosophy was to show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle, and Labron uses the image to discuss the roles of science and religion in philosophy.
Erroneously, Ludwig Wittgenstein has been touted as one of those seeking the demise of the metaphysical enterprise [see Okoro (2012); Unah (2004); and Omolafe (2000)].
Was Sigmund Freud a German intellectual, and how about Arthur Schnitzler, Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth, Ludwig Wittgenstein, or Karl Kraus?
As with his previous books, Kramer frequently invokes Ludwig Wittgenstein as an intellectual heavyweight, providing a referential framework to oversee and contextualise arguments and postulations.
Ultimately, I hope to demonstrate that Madison's idea of liquidation, revealed through historical evidence, is conceptually quite similar to the way twentieth-century linguistic philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein suggests that language--be it constitutional text or modern speech--acquires meaning.
1 Deutsche Grammophon launched the first 33-rpm "Long-Playing" record 2 George VI had a major lung operation 3 Kiss Me, Kate and South Pacific opened in London 4 Ludwig Wittgenstein and Andre Gide died impossipuzzles Doug held up a sheet of paper.
Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations, 89; Ludwig Wittgenstein,
Piu interpretativo che ermeneutico, quindi mancante del procedimento d'interiorizzazione proprio dell'ermeneutica moderna, lo studio adopera la filosofia di Ludwig Wittgenstein come filtro metodologico per esaminare la relazione etica-linguaggio e gli schematismi nei diversi discorsi di Nietzsche e D'Annunzio.
These were explored with explicit reference to the paintings of Jackson Pollock, the philosophical ideas of Ludwig Wittgenstein, and the troubled genius of Robert Oppenheimer.
Su funcion esta determinada ante todo por la accion que le sirve de acompanante Ludwig Wittgenstein, Causa y efecto: aprehension intuitiva
Ludwig Wittgenstein was not technologically illiterate: he had studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Manchester before World War I, researching the behavior of kites and designing a propeller with little rockets at its tips.