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(Placename) the Flemish name for Liège


(lidʒ, liʒ)

1. a feudal lord entitled to allegiance and service.
2. a feudal vassal or subject.
3. entitled to or owing feudal allegiance and service.
4. pertaining to the relation between a feudal vassal and lord.
5. loyal; faithful.
[1250–1300; Middle English < Old French li(e)ge « Germanic *lēt- vassal + Latin -icus -ic]


(liˈeɪʒ, -ˈɛʒ)

1. a province in E Belgium. 1,019,226; 1521 sq. mi. (3940 sq. km). Cap.: Liège.
2. the capital of this province, on the Meuse River. 200,312.
Flemish, Luik.
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Noun1.Luik - city in eastern Belgium; largest French-speaking city in Belgium
Belgique, Belgium, Kingdom of Belgium - a monarchy in northwestern Europe; headquarters for the European Union and for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
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WASHINGTON, March 8 (KUNA) -- US Defense Secretary James Mattis met his Estonian counterpart, Defense Minister Juri Luik at the Pentagon, where Mattis emphasized the close US-Estonia security partnership and highlighted Estonia's support for NATO's enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania, US Defense Department said late Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Hurriyat leader Syed Faiz Naqshbandi briefed European Parliament members Francis Zammit Dimech, Abad Bashir and Walter van Luik on systematic human rights violations by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.
Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevicius, Sven Mikser and Paul Richard Gallagher, Swedish and Estonian Defense Ministers Peter Hultqvist and Juris Luik from Latvia, Estonia and Vatican, as well as international and / or international diplomats, advisers, parliamentarians, analysts and research centers attended the meeting.
Separately, Aoun also met with Estonian Defense Minister Juri Luik heading a delegation accompanied by Estonian Ambassador to Lebanon Marin Mottus, discussing mutual military cooperation between the two armies.
These are the questions that ministers were forced to consider, probably for the first time," Estonian Defence Minister Juri Luik told Reuters.
Estonia and NATO are keeping a close eye on preparations for the Zapad joint military exercise of Russia and Belarus and await from both countries greater transparency and observance of international obligations in letter, as well as spirit, Estonia's Defense Minister Juri Luik said on Friday, August 25.
2011; but see Walker and Jackson, 2011) and many generally feel that having the freedom to gamble is a social benefit (Basham and Luik, 2011; Rockloff et al.
amp;nbsp;"It's living proof that history never ends," said&nbsp;Juri Luik, a former Estonian foreign and defense minister.
The Younger Children Verbal Reasoning Test (YCVR test) (Sare, Luik, & Fisher 2016) was used to determine the existence of verbal reasoning in the children's responses.
This milestone represents the fourth PDA-approved indication for Pradaxa in five years--a testament to the company's continued leadership in the evolution of anticoagulation care for patients and clinicians," stated Sabine Luik, senior vice president of medicine and regulatory affairs at Boehringer Ingelheim.
However, the composition of tool types and materials used for making tools from skeletal materials are quite different compared with the Neolithic sites of Sventoji where antler tools are very rare (Piliciauskiene & Luik 2014).