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Noun1.Luis Bunuel - Spanish film director (1900-1983)
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About Cannes, Moritz recalled: "When the old Palais was still standing and the [adjacent] Blue Bar was an important meeting place during the Cannes Film Festival, I negotiated with [Mexican producer] Gustavo Alatriste for German-speaking rights for his latest film Viridiana by [director] Luis Bunel.
A minor actress, she may or may not have worked as a foot double, wearing, among other shoes, an iconic pair of black ankle boots that figure prominently in a film by the Spanish surrealist Luis Bunel, Diary of Chambermaid.
Evocando a su compinche Luis Bunel -un director ateo obsesionado con el catolicismo-, Carriere contesto airado que las religiones eran solo mitos, y que hablaba de espiritualidad para referirse a la actividad del alma.