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n. pl. Lumbee or Lum·bees
A member of a Native American people of southeast North Carolina.
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One has to visit the Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex in Pembroke, to complete a tour of iconic structures in Robeson County.
Smith explains how Sylvester Clark, a man of mixed black, Lumbee, Cherokee, and white ancestry created a persona as the son of a Blackfoot Chief.
HTC was approached by the Lumbee River Electric Membership Corporation (LREMC), a not-for-profit regional electric utility, to service a portion of Robeson County, North Carolina through a new fiber-based network.
Prior to her appointments to the judiciary, Justice Timmons-Goodson was a Staff Attorney at Lumbee River Legal Services from 1983 to 1984 and was an Assistant District Attorney for the Twelfth Prosecutorial District of North Carolina from 1981 to 1983.
Most of the tribes have some degree or another of African intermixture," says Woods, a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.
The Eastern Band of Cherokee urged Congress to withhold recognition from the Lumbee people in North Carolina, and the Navajo Nation resisted the secession of the San Juan Paiutes.
Living Indian Histories: Lumbee and Tuscarora People in North Carolina.
However, the Lumbee Indian tribe, which as you noted is one that has, overall, achieved success with little help from the Indian Tribal Council or the federal government, has a "dirty little secret.
It ultimately comes down to the question of how we define what it means to be Native today,'' said David Wilkins, a political science professor at the University of Minnesota and a member of North Carolina's Lumbee Tribe.
Humphreys's most recent novel excavates the elusive and half-forgotten story of the Lowrie War waged by Lumbee Indians against Confederate authorities on the Carolina Border during the Civil War, and Godwin concentrates much of her attention on the strategies of survival and culture-crossings pursued by her Lumbee protagonists as they struggle to maintain their community, their history, and their very identities against the cultural and historical forces arrayed against them.
6m Pembroke, NC-based parent company of New Century Bank, and Lumbee Guaranty Bank, have said that New Century Bank has entered into a definitive agreement to sell two of its branches to Lumbee Guaranty Bank.
Lumbee River EMC - Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency Program