Lumber kiln

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a room in which timber or lumber is dried by artificial heat.

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Lumber kiln dried at higher temperatures will perform better in service, because it will have a lower moisture-carrying capacity.
Shorter run times also increase the number of samples that must be taken during a lumber kiln charge and increases the cost of sampling.
In the last three years, we have validated BioOil as a fuel for power generation and combined heat and power applications with Orenda turbines, combustion characteristics in furnaces with CANMET, lumber kiln applications with Canfor and now lime kiln applications with the assistance of UBC.
Consistent combustion results were maintained throughout the lumber kiln trial with BioOil up to 14 months old, demonstrating the reliability, stability and consistent quality of DynaMotive's products.
Evaluate the performance of an edgewise restraint system in a commercial lumber kiln while minimizing interruption in commercial operations.
The potential for lumber kiln emissions to impact air quality creates a need for scientific data on the quantity and composition of emissions.
The extra boards were arranged such that air flow was analogous to that in a lumber kiln.
Del-Tech is a primary manufacturer of biomass-fuelled systems that supply thermal energy for lumber kilns, material dryers, board presses, power generation, and plant heating systems.
The cogeneration has been receiving most of its biomass fuel supply directly from the sawmill, with the sawmill receiving steam for its lumber kilns.
The company markets the blended product as an alternative fuel to asphalt companies, paper mills and cement and lumber kilns.