Lundys Lane

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Lun′dy's Lane′

(ˈlʌn diz)
a road near Niagara Falls, in Ontario, Canada: battle between the British and Americans in 1814.
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11 (480m): Bramble Buster, Lundys Lane, Eastern Impact, Cashen Bob, Marks Evie, Jumeirah Fancy.
William Hill: 5-1 Pedrillo, 10-1 St Andrews, 11-1 Everest, Gatwick, 12-1 Blue Trojan, Ice Palace, 14-1 Kings County, 16-1 Able Baker Charlie, Blue Spinnaker, 22-1 Chinkara, Fine Silver, Lundys Lane, 25-1 Audience, Zonergem, 28-1 Take A Bow, 33-1 Impeller, 40-1 Courageous Duke, Gift Horse, Putra Kuantan, Sky Quest, Thihn, Unshakable, 50-1 bar.