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Noun1.lungless salamander - mostly terrestrial salamanders that breathe through their thin moist skin; lay eggs in moist places on land; rarely enter water
salamander - any of various typically terrestrial amphibians that resemble lizards and that return to water only to breed
family Plethodontidae, Plethodontidae - small mostly terrestrial New World salamanders having neither lungs nor gills as adults
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Role of temperature and water in the ecology of lungless salamanders.
For example, lungless salamanders require the heavily rotted logs that are retained.
The team of scientists, who work for Reptile and Amphibian Ecology International, also identified four new species of stick insect, three species of lungless salamanders, a tiny, scaly-eyed gecko known as Lepidoblepharis buschwaldii and a bushmaster, which is the longest viper in the world.
Lungless salamanders, though, breathe through a system of minute capillary vessels in their skin and the lining of their mouths.
Comparative osteology and evolution of the lungless salamanders, family Plethodontidae.