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Unlike Leonardo Bruni, whom he cites with respect, Ivani does not favor artificial orations, which appear in none of these works save the account of the fall of Luni.
The villagers of Luni welcome visitors warmly, proudly showing off their homes.
2) For the fullest historical account of Silone's communications with members of the Fascist police, see Biocca, Dario and Mauro Canali, L'informatore: Silone, i comunisti e la polizia (Milan: Luni Editrice, 2002).
The authors wish to thank the staff of Save the Children/US in Nepal, the Nepal Red Cross Society, SACTS, and the Forum for Women, Law and Development, as well as Ganesh Gurung, Allan G Hill, Stephen Marks, Rebecca Cook, Luni Shakya and Juni Shakya.
Studi danteschi 14-16 ("Ecco dunque che, intendendo quest'uomo andare nelle regioni al di la dei monti e transitando attraverso la diocesi di Luni, mosso o da devozione del luogo o da altra causa, venne al monastero sopradetto.
Elena Cenci, Biblioteca medievale II (Milan: Luni Editrice, 1998).
It is also proposed that existing cherras and rivers, like Luni may be explored for establishing connectivity from Jalore to Mori Creek.
The panelists of this session included Ayub Baloch (scholar who promotes Anthropology in Balochistan), Tariq Luni (a sculptor from National College of Arts), Zubaida Jalal (leading social worker and public figure from Balochistan).
The leaders of the parties including Jaffar Mandokhel, Ziaratwal, Senator Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI-F, Maulana Abdul Qadir Luni of JUI-N, Bismillah Khan Kakar of PPP, Agha Hasan Baloch of BNP, Dr.
71- year- old Amri Devi, mother of co- accused and party MLA Malkhan Singh Bishnoi, has been fielded from Luni constituency in Jodhpur district.