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Noun1.Lupinus - herbs or shrubs: lupinLupinus - herbs or shrubs: lupin    
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Papilionoideae, subfamily Papilionoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae
lupin, lupine - any plant of the genus Lupinus; bearing erect spikes of usually purplish-blue flowers
Lupinus arboreus, tree lupine - evergreen shrub of the Pacific coast of the United States having showy yellow or blue flowers; naturalized in Australia
Indian beet, Lupinus perennis, old-maid's bonnet, sundial lupine, wild lupine - stout perennial of eastern and central North America having palmate leaves and showy racemose blue flowers
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Together, these characters embark on an unforgettable quest to defeat the evil leader of the Vellfores, Lupinus.
White lupin is one of the four lupins (Lupinus albus, Lupinus angustifolius, Lupinus luteu L.
The overall winner of the show, the Laurent-Perrier garden, had lots of yellow lupins - Lupinus 'Chandelier' - planted to great effect among a field of Orlaya, those lovely white flowers a bit like lace-cap hydrangeas.
The overall show winner, the Laurent-Perrier garden, had yellow lupins - Lupinus '"Chandelier" - planted to great effect among a field of Orlaya, those lovely white flowers a bit like lace-cap hydrangeas.
INCI: Water (and) glycerine (and) lecithin (and) lupinus albus seed extract (and) benzyl alcohol (and) benzoic acid (and) dehydroacetic acid (and) tetrasodiurn glutamate diacetate
2005) and in association with low-growing annual plants, including: natives--rusty popcornflower Plagiobothrys nothofulvus, miniature lupine Lupinus bicolor and California goldfields Lasthenia californica; and invasives--soft brome Bromus hordeaceus and stork's bill Erodium sp.
The most abundant species was Raillardella argentea, and the most frequent were Carex breweri and Lupinus lepidus.
The hypoglycemic effect of Lupinus mutabilis Sweet has been demonstrated in healthy volunteers and subjects with dysglycemia (Fornasini et al.
Digitaria filiformis, Lupinus perennis, and Panicum lindheimeri) were present.
HAFNIUM Jabal Munifah* Iraq 35[degrees]25, 42[degrees]00, Lupinus huffmanii fernaldii (an ITIS plant)
Best are Lupinus nanus `PixieDelight',only 50 cm (1ft 8in) tall,in shades of blue,pink and white,and Lupinus texenis , theTexas bluebonnet.
Among legumes, Lupinus perennis had significant effects in all 9 tests, Lespedeza capitat in 6 tests, and Petalostemum in 2 tests.