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GlobalData has released its new PharmaPoint Drug Evaluation report, Lupron Depot (Prostate Cancer) - Forecast and Market Analysis to 2022.
In 2011, we have launched several new products or indications, including variations of Lupron Depot, Androgel 1.
11) Patient Information on Treatment with Lupron Depot 3:25 mg [Endometriosis and Uterine Fibroids], and Patient information on Treatment with Lupron Depot 11.
He hoped to use it while he received injections of Lupron Depot, which reduces testosterone and sexual function in men.
Justice Department began the investigation in December 1997, alleging that TAP provided samples of the cancer drug Lupron Depot to certain physicians with the knowledge that those physicians would claim payment from Medicare and other government programs.
received between $30,000 and $40,000 from billings for free doses of Lupron Depot, which he used to treat cancer patients.
attorney's case against TAP Pharmaceutical, patients who took the drug Lupron Depot have filed a separate class action lawsuit in Boston, alleging they were overcharged millions of dollars, the Boston Globe said.
Similar to Lupron Depot but (Synarel) administered intransally instead of by injection.
It brought in some 150 billion yen in sales in the year through March 1998, including 80 billion yen in the United States, where it is sold under the name of Lupron Depot.
New six-month formulation expands Lupron Depot dosing options, which currently include one-month, three-month and four-month formulations
Pfizer's Synarel and Depo-Provera, are the most common drugs used in the treatment of the disease, as is Lupron Depot - a GnRH - by Abbot.