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n.1.(Zool.) A large marine annelid (Nephthys cæca), inhabiting the sandy shores of Europe and America. It is whitish, with a pearly luster, and grows to the length of eight or ten inches.
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LEFT IN THE LURG Red Star's Anto Cauldwell gets the better of Lurgan Institute's Pete Martin
In addition, new localities outside of the upper Murray region included Mount Pilot, Eldorado, Rosewhite, Mudgegonga, Lurg and Glenrowan (Table 1).
99 Zara LURG LUR EGEG SPLUR SP G SPLURGE The lace trend this season this season works for works for accessories accessories too.
Public relations worker Joanne Dye is among a team of eight climbing the 3,300ft Lurg Mhor peak.
LURG WHO'S HOT Braniff and Glenavon have impressed so far this season and lie second in the league table
A further five towers in Mt Granya, Mt Benambra, Mt Lurg, Mt Pilot and Mt Terrible are also set to be upgraded .
let's lurg lively lads Kris Lindsay is relishing the first all provincial final in nine years tomorrow
LURG of fo Keen Cup Th nigh reco injur Bo to b Crus form Th pote Mor leavi reco "W oss Graham McConnell moved quickly bring Keenan, right, formerly with saders and Carrick Rangers, back to his mer club.