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An ancient region and Roman province of the Iberian Peninsula. It corresponded roughly to modern-day Portugal.

Lu′si·ta′ni·an adj. & n.


1. (Placename) chiefly poetic of or relating to Lusitania or Portugal
2. (Biology) biology denoting flora or fauna characteristically found only in the warm, moist, west-facing coastal regions of Portugal, Spain, France, and the west and southwest coasts of Great Britain and Ireland
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Adj.1.Lusitanian - of or relating to or characteristic of Portugal or the people of Portugal or their language; "Portuguese wines"
2.Lusitanian - of or relating to or characteristic of the region of Lusitania or its people or language
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Or perhaps I shall be told, too, that there was no such knight-errant as the valiant Lusitanian Juan de Merlo, who went to Burgundy and in the city of Arras fought with the famous lord of Charny, Mosen Pierres by name, and afterwards in the city of Basle with Mosen Enrique de Remesten, coming out of both encounters covered with fame and honour; or adventures and challenges achieved and delivered, also in Burgundy, by the valiant Spaniards Pedro Barba and Gutierre Quixada (of whose family I come in the direct male line), when they vanquished the sons of the Count of San Polo.
This piece of linen redolent of sin betrays not only Teodorico's sensuality but also exposes an occult paradigm of Lusitanian voyages and faith.
Though in earlier tournaments he had played, this year he will officiate some of the matches," Eusebio Coelho, the founder and organiser of the Lusitanian Hockey Club, told Gulf News after making final arrangements at the Cambridge School in Dubai.
This was clearly an allusion to the doctrine of Action francaise, which Pessoa loathed as much as he loathed Lusitanian Integralism--a movement he regarded as a Portuguese translation of the former.
While these Celtiberians could have been returned north from a campaign far to the south, they could just as easily have been campaigning against Lusitanian tribes on the border of Celtiberian lands much closer to their original homes.
The concept is a recurring motif in the history of Lusitanian conversos since the fifteenth century.
The forty-eight-year-old Portuguese director could hardly have been surprised by the critical scorn; his supporters have long been sneered at as glum cultists, po-faced devotees of his particular brand of Lusitanian pornomiseria.
When I sat on the bedroom floor to listen in, Mateus and my father, who'd lived in California for over half a century but remained instinctively Lusitanian, were fording that tributary-rich stream of politeness that must precede diving into business.
Inserted between the two key Lusitanian images is a room devoted to the theme of the monument in the city, dominated by maquettes of building projects.
The show, which takes place under a huge big top, blends visual effects, music and dance with 30 horses, including the Lusitanian stallions.