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or lu·so·phone  (lo͞o′sə-fōn′)
A Portuguese-speaking person, especially in a region where two or more languages are spoken.

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Law 1/2014, also called the Paz Andrade Law, 'for making use of the Portuguese language and ties with Lusophony,' said Portuguese is at present the most vastly spoken language in the southern hemisphere and is a working language for 20 global organisations, and the official language of 'nine countries and the territory of Macau, China.
the language of the other not as a "field" language, in the field of literature we need to move from Anglophony, Lusophony, Francophony, etcetera.
45 Vertical creep occurs where the same country hosts multiple events with the similar result that the second event may get protection that is to generous for its size as occurred with the 2009 Lusophony Games in Portugal benefitting from the Euro 2004 legislation in Portugal.