Lutra lutra

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Noun1.Lutra lutra - otter found in Europe and AsiaLutra lutra - otter found in Europe and Asia  
otter - freshwater carnivorous mammal having webbed and clawed feet and dark brown fur
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Similarly, the local people of Kajeri VDC nearby Sarada River Bank have been cutting down Agave americana (Ketuki) growing in the banks for the sake of fishing but this plant has been thought to be the best habitat for wild animals Martes flavigula (Malsapro) and Lutra lutra (Paniwoth).
Cervus 3 Beaver Castor fiber 40 Fox Vulpes vulpes 4 Bear Ursus arctos 2 Hare Lepus europaeus 2 Polecat Mustela putorius 1 Marten Martes martes 2 Otter Lutra lutra 1 Rat Rattus rattus 6 Shrew Sorex araneus 4 Mole Talpa europaea 1 Water vole Arvicola terrestris 2 Unidentified mammal (cattle-sized) 803 Unidentified mammal (pig/sheep-sized) 757 Birds Domestic fowl Gallus gallus 22 Goose Anser anser 3 Mallard Anas platyrhynchos 1 Rook Corvus frugilegus 1 Unidentified bird 63 Note: excludes over 2000 fragments of small mammal bone flakes recovered through careful collection and sieving.
Snow-tracking: a relevant method for estimating otter Lutra lutra populations.
Cuvier 1825) Eurasian otter Lutra lutra (Linnaeus) 1758 Masked Palm Civet Paguma larvata (Hamilton-Smith 1831) Asian Elephant Elephas maximus (Linnaeus 1758) Rhinosceros Rhinoceros sp.