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An island of the northwest Philippines. It is the largest and most populous island in the archipelago.


(Placename) the main and largest island of the Philippines, in the N part of the archipelago, separated from the other islands by the Sibuyan Sea: important agriculturally, producing most of the country's rice, with large forests and rich mineral resources; industrial centres at Manila and Batangas. Capital: Quezon City. Pop: 39 500 000 (2000). Area: 108 378 sq km (41 845 sq miles)



the chief island of the Philippines, in the N part. 26,078,985; 40,420 sq. mi. (104,688 sq. km). Cap.: Manila.
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Noun1.Luzon - the main island of the PhilippinesLuzon - the main island of the Philippines  
Philippine Islands, Philippines - an archipelago in the southwestern Pacific including some 7000 islands
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Salvador-Amores has written an award-winning book, 'Tapping Ink, Tattooing Identities' (UP Press, Cordillera Studies Center), which tackles 'tradition and modernity in contemporary Kalinga society, North Luzon, Philippines.
The 18-year-old born in Fort Dodge, Iowa - whose tennis-coach-parents Manny and Mary-Ann hail from Luzon, Philippines - got through qualifying but suffered first round exits in both girls' singles and doubles formats on her SW19 debut this month.
Species listing, distribution and molecular identification of macrofungi in six Aeta tribal communities in Central Luzon, Philippines.
The Company also owns the Didipio Project in northern Luzon, Philippines where construction activities are underway with commissioning expected in Q4 2012.
htm) new species during a biological expedition that focused on the Island of Luzon, Philippines, according to the organization's news release.
He saw combat action in the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and the Invasion of Luzon, Philippines.
The species was originally described as a species of Lecithocera, based on a female from Luzon, Philippines.