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or Lviv  (lə-vĭv′, lə-vēo͝o′) or L'vov or Lvov (lə-vôv′, -vôf′)
A city of west-central Ukraine near the Polish border. Founded in 1256, it was captured by Poland in 1349, ceded to Austria in 1772, retaken by Poland in 1918, and assigned to the USSR in 1945.


or Lvov  (lə-vôv′, -vôf′)
See L'viv.


(Placename) an industrial city in W Ukraine: it has belonged to Poland (1340–1772; 1919–39), Austria (1772–1918), Germany (1939–45), and the Soviet Union (1945–91); Ukrainian cultural centre, with a university (1661). Pop: 719 000 (2005 est). Ukrainian name: Lviv Polish name: Lwów German name: Lemberg


(ləˈvɔf, -ˈvɒf)

a city in W Ukraine: formerly in Poland. 798,000. Polish, Lwów (lvo̅o̅f).
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But Natalia, too, had hardly made her appearance in the world when she married the diplomat Lvov.
En octubre de 1966, 16 oficiales de la SS, nueve de los cuales fueron encontrados por Wiesenthal, fueron llevados a juicio en Stugart, Alemania, por haber participado en la exterminacion de los judios en Lvov.
Today, sitting in the front room of his Shrewsbury home in Shropshire, he said: 'I was visiting my parents in Lvov when some of my childhood friends who were in the partisan army gave me an ultimatum: Spy for them or die.
Lvov is a beautiful city in the Western Ukraine, one of the great tourist destinations of the region with a rich and magnificent history, but there is more to it than medieval walls and museums: it also has a history of mathematical thought and innovation.
Wiesenthal had been married to wife Cyla for only three years in 1939, when the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact allowed the Red Army to occupy Lvov and begin a purge of the Jewish middle class.
The spurious question of which station is immediately confused by talk of dreams and dawn, an in-between time; such confusion lifts the place-name of Lvov out of its literal context into a symbolic realm, where time inevitably influences space.
Lvov DR, Butenko AM, Gromashevsky VI, Larichev VPh, Gaidamovitch SYa, Vyshemirsky OI, et al.
Last week it was revealed the drawing is one of a series by the artist owned by several British museums and leading art galleries that Lvov, now part of the Ukraine, is seeking to have returned.
Karpaty Lvov v PSG It is debatable as to how much of an advantage there is to finishing top of a Europa League section but Paris St-Germain should clinch first place in Group B with a victory at injury-hit Karpaty Lvov.
Beenhakker yesterday revealed that he has yet to take a decision over whether to leave Boruc and team mates Dariusz Dudka and Radoslaw Majewski out of the squad for next month's World Cup qualifiers against Slovenia and San Marino after they allegedly went to a late night drinks session in Lvov.
It begins in transit, its goal of Lvov simultaneously elusive and already met in the timeless, uninfected state of the infinitive.
Lvov DK Arboviral zoonoses of Northern Eurasia (Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States).