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or Lviv  (lə-vĭv′, lə-vēo͝o′) or L'vov or Lvov (lə-vôv′, -vôf′)
A city of west-central Ukraine near the Polish border. Founded in 1256, it was captured by Poland in 1349, ceded to Austria in 1772, retaken by Poland in 1918, and assigned to the USSR in 1945.


or Lvov  (lə-vôv′, -vôf′)
See L'viv.


(Placename) an industrial city in W Ukraine: it has belonged to Poland (1340–1772; 1919–39), Austria (1772–1918), Germany (1939–45), and the Soviet Union (1945–91); Ukrainian cultural centre, with a university (1661). Pop: 719 000 (2005 est). Ukrainian name: Lviv Polish name: Lwów German name: Lemberg


(ləˈvɔf, -ˈvɒf)

a city in W Ukraine: formerly in Poland. 798,000. Polish, Lwów (lvo̅o̅f).
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But Natalia, too, had hardly made her appearance in the world when she married the diplomat Lvov.
On April 28, 2014, a group of approximately 500 young Neo-Nazis marched in the Ukrainian city of Lvov to mark the 14th SS Division's 71st anniversary.
Rhyl Apollo (Fri-Mon) IN DARKNESS (15) A group of Jews hide from their Nazi tormentors in the sewers of Lvov.
When the Germans decided to liquidate the Lvov ghetto in June 1943, they began what eventually became the forced removal and murder in concentration camps of over 250,000 Jewish people.
In the meantime, on November 6, a Ukrainian court in Lvov authorized the arrest of the company's Ukrainian assets following a tax audit that indicated that the company may have engaged in illegal tax evasion and now owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes and fines.
a) 0-3 Rijeka (h) 3-1 Karpaty Lvov (h) 0-2* Porto (a) 1-3 Shakhtar (h) 0-0 Osijek (h) 1-2* M'gladbach (a) 3-1 Lok.
My mother's father was brought to America at age three after his mother died in childbirth: He had no memories of those who remained in Bialykamien near Lvov.
IN DARKNESS (15)A Polish film about one man's rescue of Jewish refugees in the Nazi-occupied city of Lvov, Oscar-nominated as this year's best foreign language film.
In the end, they spend 14 months hiding beneath the streets of Lvov.
LORD OF THE Also released IN DARKNESS (15, 143 mins) Based on a harrowing yet inspirational true story, this wartime drama chronicles the resilience of a group of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, who hide from their Nazi tormentors in the sewers of Lvov.
This year 32 leading IT companies from five major Ukrainian IT software development hubs (Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, and Odessa) decided to test themselves against the market.