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Noun1.Lynn Fontanne - United States actress (born in England) who married Alfred Lunt and performed with him in many plays (1887-1983)
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Penned in 1944, it was re-written with a less bleak ending - and taking out all Sir John's nastiness - for then stage stars Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.
Hatcher's snappy period comedy pays homage to the legendary acting partnership of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, who starred in a long line of stage hits from the late 1920s through the '50s.
The letter published below gives a vivid personal view of the well-known American actor-director Alfred Lunt and his British-born wife, Lynn Fontanne, in Robert E.
With a cast of first-magnitude stars from both sides of the footlights, this delightful tome, encompassing the history of both photography and Broadway, illuminates a particularly meaningful period of the theater, featuring Tallulah Bankhead, Gertrude Lawrence, Katharine Cornell, Helen Hayes, Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt, among others.
The box office number is 08700 402000 Kiss Me, Kate facts: The plot was inspired by the on-and-off-stage battles between married theatrical stars, Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.
Idiot's Delight" was written for the celebrated acting team of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.
Ann Reinking has done the choreography, and assuming all goes well in Chicago, the show will proceed to Broadway, where, of course, Lynn Fontanne starred in 1958--in the original.
On the other hand, Coward wrote the play as an entertainment for himself to perform with the famous Broadway team Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, and for all its talk about flouting convention, it doesn't quite hold up as serious drama.
Van Patten recalled working with stage greats like Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne and Tallulah Bankhead.
He was discovered while studying under Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne by Margaret Webster.
Their first successful play, Dulcy (1921), written as a vehicle for the actress Lynn Fontanne, was followed by To the Ladies (1922), a vehicle for Helen Hayes.
Emmy Awards were presented to Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne as best actor and actress for The Magnificent Yankee; to Dick Van Dyke for The Dick Van Dyke Show; and to Barbra Streisand for My Name Is Barbra.