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n. pl. lipa
A Croatian unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the kuna.



n, pl lipa
(Currencies) a monetary unit of Croatia worth one hundredth of a kuna


(ˈli pə)
n., pl. -pa.
a monetary unit of Croatia.
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In 2015 the US FDA has also approved genetically modified chickens that can produce eggs that can treat lysosomal acid lipase deficiency-a rare genetic condition that prevents the body from breaking down fatty molecules inside cells.
NASDAQ: ALXN) show that 80% of infants (8 out of 10) with rapidly progressive lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (LAL-D) treated with Kanuma (sebelipase alfa) survived beyond 1 year of age, the company said.
2) characterized by lysosomal acid lipase deficiency.
For instance, Kanuma, which is used for the genetic condition lysosomal acid lipase deficiency, costs as much as GBP492,000 per patient annually in the UK.
The remaining 38 agents can be classified into the following categories: anticoagulant (2), antidiarrheal (1), antidiabetic (1), antidote (3), antiemetic (1), antifungal (1), antilipemic (2), antineoplastic (13), antipsychotic (2), antiviral (1), bile acid (2), cardiovascular (2), female sexual dysfunction (1), immunomodulator (1), lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (1), parathyroid hormone (1), pyrimidine analog (1), and respiratory (2).
org, the website for healthcare professionals, has today announced the launch of a new educational resource for lysosomal acid lipase (LAL) deficiency.
Patients with Wolman disease have lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (LAL-D), which results in a fat buildup within the cells of various tissues.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'s approval for Kanuma (sebelipase alfa) to treat patients of all ages with a diagnosis of lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (LAL-D).
A fluorometric assay for lysosomal acid lipase using DBS has been developed based on a 4MU fatty acid substrate and a covalent inactivator of the lysosomal acid lipase, which enables the activity of this enzyme to be teased out of the total lipase activity from a collection of enzymes in blood (75).
Crystal structure of human gastric lipase and model of lysosomal acid lipase, two lipolytic enzymes of medical interest was reported by (Roussel et al.
Along with displaying the signature Blue Denim Genes Ribbon[TM] associated with The Global Genes Project, Synageva employees will participate in a volunteer fund-raiser with proceeds to benefit the Support Organization for Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency Advocacy, Care and Expertise (LAL Solace), a patient advocacy group for individuals affected by lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (LAL Deficiency).

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