Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Noun1.Mycobacterium tuberculosis - cause of tuberculosisMycobacterium tuberculosis - cause of tuberculosis    
mycobacteria, mycobacterium - rod-shaped bacteria some saprophytic or causing diseases
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While the normal function of macrophages is to engulf and kill microorganisms, M.
Knowledge of the molecular bases for the properties or characteristics which allow M.
Many of these, especially in hospitals and other health-care settings in large cities (5), were caused by multidrug-resistant M.
Another risk, in the current climate of bioterrorism, is the possible intentional spread of multidrug-resistant M.
The findings suggest that an unusual immune reaction to M.
They did skin and blood tests, a physical exam, and checked sputum for M.
When molecular genotyping technology is applied to outbreaks or unusual clusters of disease, persons sharing M.
Because of its natural history, the transmission of M.
Tuberculosis is spread through repeated exposure to airborne M.
A team of researchers in Europe has recently discovered that M.
The second set was 12 low-band (exhibiting fewer than six copies of IS6110 by RFLP analysis) M.