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1. mechanical.
2. mechanics.
3. mechanism.
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Why aren't the Rigs armed like the combat mecha of the original game?
One caveat for a movie that del Toro intended would bring mecha and kaiju fandom to a new generaA[degrees] tion, was the way the overA[degrees]arching story of the movie was dealt with in just the first few minutes.
THE fundamental techniques of creating papier mechA are being taught during a set of workshops at Albareh Art Gallery, Adliya.
Robotech The New Generation Sourcebook features mecha from all Robotech eras; ways to combine different mecha into "Frankenmecha"; seven new Occupational Character Classes; weapons, combat vehicles, and gear; game statistics for Invid Hives, Protoculture Farms, and Genesis pits; Invid mutations; and much more.
Volkswagen' regional boss Stefan Mecha has called 2011 a transitional year in the Middle East as the German giant reports sales have increased by 21% between January and November.
Stefan Mecha, managing director of Volkswagen Middle East, said, 'I am pleased to announce that Volkswagen Middle East is introducing the global initiative 'Think Blue' to the Middle East.
Ben needs you to stop Vilgax from stealing the Omnitrix and the only way is to board the Mecha Vehicle.
Another fun title from the DFC Library, Its futuristic style draws from the worlds of mecha and anime.
Con el paso de los siglos el proceso de elaboracion de las velas se ha mantenido inmutable: una columna de cera o sebo --en los tiempos modernos, parafina-- con una mecha que pasa por el centro de la vela.
The sources added that the ordered volume from VZW for the Mecha is expected to help maintain HTC's shipments at a eight million level in the first quarter of 2011.
At the unveiling of Touareg, Stefan Mecha, managing director of Volkswagen Middle East, said: "About 500,000 drivers chose to buy the first generation of Touareg worldwide, and it quickly established itself as our flagship vehicle in the region after its Middle East debut in 2003.
If you read any of Tatsumi's considerable work, you will quickly see, usually by the end of the first page, that his critical apparatus harvests from a wide variety of sources and he begins constructing an intertextual mecha, an assemblage of seemingly unrelated components that are worked into something that, like those magnificent powered suits, slips on easily and magnifies the user's agency in the world, "power without conscious thought" (from his chapter "Gundam and the Future of Japanoid Art" in Mechademia Volume 3, which he gestures to in his talk today).