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A type of semiconductor field effect transistor used in integrated circuit technology that consumes very little power and can be highly miniaturized.

[m(etal)-o(xide)-s(emiconductor) f(ield)-e(ffect) t(ransistor).]


(Electronics) electronics metal-oxide-silicon field-effect transistor; a type of IGFET
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It incorporates a N-ch power MOS FET with ON resistance of only 0.
Renesas is using TIBCO Spotfire enterprise analytics in the design area, improving quality and reliability by comparing simulated and empirical product performance in its system in package, MOS FET.
To serve these markets, Omron announced several new products at the symposium, including several new radio frequency (RF) relays with low power consumption, a new line of MOS FET relays that measure a remarkably tiny 1.