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Noun1.Internet Explorer - a commercial browser
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All you need is a computer with an Internet connection -- PC with MS Internet Explorer 5 or better, Netscape 6 or better, Opera or Mozilla/Firefox -- Mac with Safari, Opera or Firefox.
The Internet Storm Center said bluntly "use a browser other then MS Internet Explorer until the current vulnerabilities in MSIE are patched.
ImageGear is also available for the most popular UNIX platforms: IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Linux; and there's a new release of ImageGear for Java that includes annotation capabilities and advanced printing capabilities for both MS Internet Explorer and Netscape.
0 include a category tree, more toolbar buttons for easier navigation, HTTPS protocol support, improved FTP support, and improved MS Internet Explorer context menu support for easier downloads.
Statistics from WebSideStory Inc, the San Diego internet monitor, reveal that almost 69% of computers on the web use MS Internet Explorer, up 2% since the beginning of March, whereas Netscape browsers account for only 29.
MS Internet Explorer faces close competition from open source Firefox
Once login is completed, subscribers will be able to access instructions for downloading and configuring the SMS Touch Bar for MS Internet Explorer.
Besides using your keyboard to adjust your sound card's output, ZVolume can control Winamp, Sonique, the NAD MP3 Player, WPlay (Pro), the Windows CD Player, and MS Internet Explorer 4.
We've taken three cracking PCs all at pounds 500 or less, all three with Microsoft Windows 98 and MS Internet Explorer built in.
3DXplorer[R]'s technology is based on Java and other widely used industry standards which make 3D web scenes immediately viewable on all Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms and the vast majority of browsers such as MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.