n.1.(Zool.) The sparrow hawk.
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The case was filed by Maalin Trading Company Limited, which applied for construction of two of the 74 water pans.
In Somalia, cook Ali Maow Maalin became the last person in the world to be infected with smallpox.
They asked Ali Maalin, an employee, for directions to the infectious disease ward.
Somali women will do what it takes to secure her freedom," women rights activist Sahra Maalin told reporters.
Maalin described the minister's abduction as a "collective punishment against Somali women and all those who believe in equality.
Maalin also pointed to the suffering inflicted on children in the camps as a result of deportation and separation from their families, calling in this respect for putting an end to these grave human rights breaches.
A 30-year-old Somali cook named Ali Maow Maalin was the world's last case of natural smallpox, the endpoint in a continuing chain of transmission extending back at least 3,500 years.
Unidentified armed men kidnapped two MSG-Belgium aid workers in Bakol region," Hassan Maalin, a local elder, told Reuters by phone from the area.
And, last time, he finished third to Maalin a mile-and-a-half flat contest at Tramore, when a combination of the trip and tight track conspired against him.
The last recorded case was that ofAli Maow Maalin, cook at the hospital in Merca, Somalia, and sometime vaccinator in a World Health Organisation (WHO) smallpox eradication team.