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 (mə-klĭn′tək, -tŏk′), Barbara 1902-1992.
American geneticist. She won a 1983 Nobel Prize for discovering that genes in plant cells can change position both within and between chromosomes.


(məˈklɪn tɒk)
Barbara, 1902–92, U.S. geneticist and biologist: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1983.
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Lander MacClintock, Orpheus in America [Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1957]), comments about almost every aspect of the trip with especial emphasis on New York theatrical life, musical personalities, and shows, but never alludes to either Braham or Harrigan.
Previous research has shown that the periodic growth structures contained within molluscan shells develop from changes in the density of calcium carbonate, the ratio of aragonite to calcite, the proportion of calcium carbonate to conchiolin (the organic component of the shell), the size of the crystals, or the type of crystalline microstructure (Pannella & MacClintock 1968, Rhoads & Lutz 1980, Jones 1983).
Certains auteurs ou auteures, se reclamant de Foucault et de Geertz, ont montre l'importance des femmes dans le symbolisme national ou dans la repression (Anne MacClintock (17)).
Other category winners included Jerry Mashaw and Anne MacClintock for their book, "Seasoned by Salt," published by Sheridan House; in the Newspapers Under 100,000 (circulation) category, "Smooth Sailing," took the win, published in the Atlantic City Press (Atlantic City, NJ) in June 2007, written by Courtney McCann.
A last example of problems in translation is Gordon's indelicate treatment of Carol MacClintock, a scholar whose work she uses repeatedly.