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n.1.A gambling game in vogue in the eighteenth century.
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Paul and her husband, Jeff Macco, currently live in the popular Lower Highlands (LoHi) neighborhood and are in the planning stages of building a new four-unit townhome project in their adopted West Colfax neighborhood.
The Macco court distinguished between a bankruptcy estate paying for expenses incurred by counsel defending themselves against third parties and counsel defending themselves against the estate itself, and, on that basis, found Baker Botts not applicable.
Garcia's successes came in spite of the deaths of prominent Insurrecto leaders such as Jose Marti and Antonio Macco.
Among the guest artists of the festival are Lala Nomada, Nora Jacobs, Dominik Lipp, Manuela Macco, Manuela Centrone and Roi Vaara.
At our favourite restaurant, Tenda Rossa, we tried dishes like macco di fava, a thick soup made of pureed fava beans with garlic, olive oil and parsley and maybe the slightest hint of anchovy.
16,700 for three signs: one freestanding, internally illuminated; two wall-mounted, one internally illuminated: Macco Auto Body.
A new marble life-size statue of the late president that will replace CyBig MacCO has already arrived at the Archbishopric.
I became their sales manager and soon after they were acquired by Ames, which is when I took the position of regional sales manager for Gliddan's Macco Adhesives division.
He joined ARB in 1993 through the acquisition of Macco Constructors of Paramount, CA, most recently serving as the manager of the distribution division.
Gady's central article on Paris is essential, but his contribution is balanced by Thomas Gaehtgens on Berlin between 1701 and 1740, Elisabeth Kieven on Rome, Michaela di Macco on Turin, Merit Laine on Stockholm, Helmut Lorenz on Vienna and a penetrating piece by Miguel Figuera da Faria on Lisbon.
We have been completley inept 4 weeks, i must now agree with the macco out brigade we need a stan tennant type to stir some emotion B4 we sink to new depths.
The developer for the site is Peter Macco, and Gruzen Samton is working under contract with Duany Plater-Zyberk Company, architects and town planners of Miami.