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a.1.Of or pertaining to Machiavelli, or to his supposed principles for conduct of government, as enunciated in his tract The Prince; politically cunning; characterized by duplicity, political expediency, unscrupulous cunning, or bad faith; crafty.
n.1.One who adopts the principles of Machiavelli; a cunning and unprincipled politician.
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The first emphasizes the strategic dimension of ideology and represents the Machiavelian situation in which people consciously manipulate available forms of discourse from a presumed position of autonomy in order to rationalize a distribution of power and resources that favors their own group interests.
Deputy Secretary Richard Darman had idealism, accompanied, however, by equally strong Machiavelian instincts.
Rather than expressing the Machiavelian notion that the ends justify the means, "all's well that ends well" may remind us of good news: true repentance, graced by forgiveness, gives even those who start badly the opportunity to end well.