machine tool

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machine tool

A power-driven tool, such as a lathe, used for machining.

ma·chine′-tooled′ (-to͞old′) adj.

machine tool

(Mechanical Engineering) a power-driven machine, such as a lathe, miller, or grinder, that is used for cutting, shaping, and finishing metals or other materials
maˈchine-ˌtooled adj

machine′ tool`

a machine, as a lathe, used for shaping of metal and other substances.
machine′-tooled`, adj.
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Noun1.machine tool - a powered machine for cutting or shaping or finishing metals or other materialsmachine tool - a powered machine for cutting or shaping or finishing metals or other materials
drill press - a machine tool with a separate, upright stand; an electric drill is pressed into the work automatically or with a hand lever
grinder - a machine tool that polishes metal
machine - any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks
shaping machine, shaper - a machine tool for shaping metal or wood
ماكِنَة لِقَطْع وَتَشْكيل المَعادِن
obráběcí stroj
obrábací stroj
makineli tezgâh

machine tool

nmacchina utensile


(məˈʃiːn) noun
1. a working arrangement of wheels, levers or other parts, driven eg by human power, electricity etc, or operating electronically, producing power and/or motion for a particular purpose. a sewing-machine.
2. a vehicle, especially a motorbike. That's a fine machine you have!
1. to shape, make or finish with a power-driven tool. The articles are machined to a smooth finish.
2. to sew with a sewing-machine. You should machine the seams.
maˈchinery noun
1. machines in general. Many products are made by machinery rather than by hand.
2. the workings or processes. the machinery of government.
maˈchinist noun
a person skilled in the use of machines, eg a sewing-machine, or electrical tools. She's a machinist in a clothes factory.
maˈchine-gun noun
an automatic gun that fires very rapidly.
He machine-gunned a crowd of defenceless villagers.
machine tool
a power-driven machine that shapes metal, wood, or plastics by cutting, pressing, or drilling.

machinery does not have a plural.
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Last year, Taiwan shipped US$4 billion of machine tools worldwide.
The market value of machine tools in Indonesia is forecast to rise 7% to Rp 856 billion in 2012 from Rp 800 billion in 2011.
The global machine tools market is forecast to reach $166 billion by 2017, according to the research organisation Global Industry Analysts (GIA).
Doosan Infracore, which produces construction equipment and engines as well as machine tools, traces to the late 1930s and was spun off from Daewoo Heavy Industries a decade ago.
Profit of company that produces and sells machine tools depends on final machine costs and selling price.
Volumetric Accuracy for Large Machine Tools (VALMT), a partnership of Automated Precision Inc.
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Any reading above 100 indicates that USBEF's machine tool lease payment delinquencies--a measure of machine tools users' liquidity and consistent profitability--are at a rate below the average rate of 1990 to 1999.

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