Machine work

work done by a machine, in contradistinction to that done by hand labor.

See also: Machine

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reports that at NPE2015 it will feature six Injection molding machine work cells with Integrated robots, automation, material handling, and auxiliary equipment.
I have a book by Steve Acker and it is very good, but it covers only a portion of the gun machine work I need to learn.
Thus, the challenge awaited as the company sought to tackle a proposal that demanded near total control of precise CAD revisions, proper casting techniques and impeccable machine work for such a unique industry.
At the end of that period, we realized we were farming out a lot of that machine work to other machine shops just to meet our deliveries," said Farrar.
Contract award: waste management center within the machine work.
The Taylors wanted to diversify the grinding services and screw machine work provided by their Buffalo Grinding Service, and they saw an opportunity in the CNC machining market.
When deciding what scanner to buy, consider three elements: the unit's resolution capabilities, its bit depth (which determines the richness of the image) and the bundled software that lets the machine work.
Contract award: supply of one (1) electronic recording machine work - imagesetter tsigas (ctp), for the purposes of d.
Transportation Jobs can be ordered in different contractor than the machine work.
Contract notice: Compost facility wheel machine work.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 15, 2017-Speyside Equity Fund I Acquires Ashland Foundry and Machine Works, West Coast Stainless and Dynatek

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