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also mach·zor (mäKH′zôr′, -zər, mäKH-zôr′)
n. pl. mah·zor·im (-zôr′ĭm, -zô-rēm′) or mah·zors also mach·zor·im or mach·zors
A Jewish prayer book used during the High Holy Days.

[Mishnaic Hebrew maḥăzôr, cycle, mahzor, from ḥāzar, to go around, return; see ḥḏr in Semitic roots.]


(maxˈzɔr; English mɑːkˈzɔː)
n, pl -zorim (-zɔˈriːm; English -zəˈriːm)
(Other Non-Christian Religious Writings) a variant spelling of machzor


(mɑxˈzoʊr; Eng. ˈmɑx zər)

n., pl. mah•zo•rim (mɑx zɔˈrim)
Eng. mah•zors.
Hebrew. a Jewish prayer book designed for use on festivals and holy days.
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Aside from traditional machzorim and religious books in Hebrew, there were many in other languages--medical treatises in German and English, broken lots of Russian encyclopedias, and histories of all kinds.