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Currently, most of the data extraction duties are performed using SAS[R] programming, but as DH moves in new IT and data storage directions there will be opportunities to expand programming knowledge to include SQL, Macro Language and Visual Basic.
The controller features an open interface architecture, which includes both high-level commands and a macro language for programming and storing command sequences.
lt;p>Finally, power users will be glad to see the return of the Visual Basic macro language.
PostWorks also provides a comprehensive macro language for easy customization.
All you have to do is go through the physical cursor and keyboard steps needed to perform the command and Excel will record and translate them into the macro language.
Over 200 reports are included as well as an embedded macro language, drill-down, chart generation and extensive documentation.
Spreadsheets became ubiquitous in large part because of their programmability--Lotus 1-2-3's macro language made it an ideal platform for developing applications--and the success of Microsoft Office means that a spreadsheet is available on virtually every PC shipped today.
However, SigmaScan Pro is enabled with a macro language so that users may automate software processes.
Step-by-step instructions and example code show how to interface PROC SQL with the macro language, create tables using column definition lists, modify tables and indexes, combine two or more tables, construct and display views, debug SQL procedure coding problems, and improve a query's performance.
A macro language feature expands the application range for advanced flexibility.
Microsoft have added added WSH to the latest versions of Windows and Office to bring a DOS-like macro language to its GUI (Graphical User Interface) platforms, (a functionality that has been sorely missed since the days of Windows 3.
However, if commands are preferred, TracePro's extensive Scheme macro language lets users loop through several design iterations and output results to a file.