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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A subdivision of decapod Crustacea, having the abdomen largely developed. It includes the lobster, prawn, shrimp, and many similar forms. Cf. Decapoda.
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Recent studies in the Drake Passage and west of Antarctic Peninsula suggest that fin whales feed primarily on krill Thysanoessa macrura, and humpback whales on Euphausia superba (Herr et al.
We found that mayflies Baetia rhodani, Siphlonurus alternatus and Caenis macrura were more abundant in and below HPP dams.
Megalopae were fed daily once with Moina macrura and newly hatched Artemia nauplii maintaining cell densities at 3 numbers/mL and 5 numbers/mL, respectively and twice daily with freshly prepared egg custard at the rate of 0.
Sawdust ingestion by the tropical shad (Tenualosa macrura, Teleostei: Clupeidae): implications for conservation and fisheries.
A descriptive catalogue of the Indian Deep-sea Crustacea Decapoda, Macrura and Anomala in the Indian Museum, Calcutta.
Some birds are eating Chysanoessa Macrura, a smaller species of krill, which means they might be having a hard time finding their regular prey," Fraser explains back at Palmer, the smallest of three U.