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n.1.An animal (usually an old mare), wearing a bell and acting as the leader of a troop of pack mules.
References in classic literature ?
The madrina (or godmother) is a most important personage:
The feeling, however, is not of an individual nature; for I believe I am right in saying that any animal with a bell will serve as a madrina.
26, when Tineke Schroder, wife of the founder of Dutch airline Martinair and a member of Holland America Line's Mariner Society, served as the ship's madrina.
The organization has identified the other smaller communities it would market to as; Del Obispo Area, Mission Area, Ortega Area, Rancho Madrina, Hunt Club and Marbella.
My First Communion Preparing with Madrina Sharing with my cousins Sharing with my brother All the town prepares Not remembering: only the photograph is proof.
owning the heads of the house's madrina and padrino (or babalawo).
A madrina of the rosary," Apolonio explains, asking me to buy three rosaries for each of the girls.
Shout out to griselda Blanco aka la madrina for all that cocaine she brought into our country u a dead hoe now and u deserve it," @hellamaria tweeted.
For example, an Indian woman Gertrudis stood as madrina to her nephew Diego from the village of Apinjaibit at Mission San Gabriel in 1811.
Una nina que vive sola, Blanquita, recibe la visita de su hada madrina, quien se ofrece a cumplir uno de sus deseos.
But senior cruise director John Heald was quick to squash rumours that Lohan would be invited to become the ship's madrina, or godmother, who names the ship by smashing a bottle of prosecco against the hull.
Once everyone has gone, the madrina or padrino finishes the haircut, putting more money in the dish with each snip.